Saturday, August 27, 2011

School, Retarded GameStop Employees, & Weekend Video Updates

Friday~ Friday~ Gotta get down on Friday! For the weekend, weekend~
So first week of school is over. My senior year is not as busy as junior year really, I even played my DS today when I havent used it for a year while my younger sis, who just became a junior, spent an all-nighter doing homework for APUSH, and has a project due Monday. (It also happened to me jr. year).
I got my school schedule & felt like posting it up.


Woohoo! ART FIRST PERIOD! FUN FUN FUN. Last year, I had honors physics first period. It was hell. I am not a morning person and I ended up failing that class, but I don't care since its an elective, not a requirement. teacher gives very clear explanations. Mr. Mikasa (Japanese American I believe) was so funny today. He used an analogy of a baby sucking a man's nipple with extraneous solutions! AP stats...okay one of the main reasons why I took that class was to hear my teacher's British accent. APES was fun..we had a quiz today but later on me and my classmates were playing with a teacher's snake. English...teacher is nice but I still hate the subject. I was never good at English (math was easier for me) so I hate to take it every year. Cant stand the essays! But its good that I don't have any essay assigned this weekend, just a simple quickwrite. AP Gov is very useful .And I like all my teachers thus far. (I hated 4 teachers last year.) All my AP classes combined this year is not as intense as APUSH. YAY. So, whenever weekend starts, I will try to update this blog and post one video up every Friday.

So back to the video games. I went to Gamestop literally right after I left school. (It's just a bus ride away) I walk in and this dude somewhat my age who looks to young to work there asks me if I need any help.
I said, "Yes. Do you have Luminous Arc?"
He goes to his coworker behind the counter and asks, "Hey. Do we have..." and he looks back to me and asks, "what is it called again?"
I enunciated "Lu-mi-nous Arc".
He says, " we have that game?"
The behind-the-counter guy who sort of reminds me of that fat comic book guy from the Simpsons asks, "DUrr, whats that game called again?"
Oh my gosh...I repeated it 4 times.
He checks the safe behind him and says yea we do have it. Why would they hide that copy away their customers? They could've just but the cover at the DS section...and it was only $7.99.

Here are some pictures of my buys today.

Also Gamestop is having a BUY 2 GET 2 Free Sale on PS2 games ending 9.11.

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