Saturday, September 24, 2011

Odd Characters in Harvest Moon Tale of Towns

If you thought some of the A Wonderful Life characters were weird (points at Daryl, Murrey, Doctor)...well think again!

Sheng, your outfit doesn't suit you. There, I said it!

Sheng is the blacksmith from Konohana Village. He is obsessed with pandas.
He wants me to move to his village to observe pandas living near the area.
He is very noticeable and you could easily spot him with his panda costume.

This is sort of a change from past Harvest Moon games. If I recall, blacksmiths are usually bearded white-haired grandpas that really don't stand out that much, such as Sabaira, until you delve into the game more and see their side of the story. I remember Saibara having a crush with Ellen and being hard on Rock, his grandson, by yelling at him for small mistakes and making Rock all moody...good times. Well, I'd like to see Sheng's cutscenes and know more about his panda obsession.

Howard, the owner of Howard's Cafe in Blue Bell town.

You already know what I'm talking about. He's fruity, isn't he? Which is perfectly normal to me, coming from a liberal state in California. But what is really odd did this appear in a Harvest Moon game??? What were the character designers thinking? Were they intentionally making him But I think he has a wife! Well, whatever. I think he is an interesting character..(hehe) just by look at him. On the first week, he came to my house to give me cooking lessons and recipes. Which is so much funner than having a bored, middle-aged wife coming to my house to cook. I think we'll become good friends :)

Enrique is the mariachi-looking Mexican dude who is the shop owner in Blue Bell and a brother of Diego. He thinks he's the cutest... isn't that funny? I think that is the only reason why I put him on the list.

This is Diego, Enrique's brother who also manages the shop. Look at his tiny and I could barely see his eyes. So who is the cuter one...Diego or Enrique? Where did they come from? I've seen 'em in Zephyr Town from Grand Bazaar but they don't actually live there.

I think I'm missing something...tell me if you want to add a character to the list.

Friday night watching anime and playing ToTT

So yesterday night I was planning on finishing some homework, but since it's Friday I ended up opening the plastic seal off of Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns and playing it for the first time. So far, I'm on Day 8 and I have some photos that will be posted later this week!

When I started the game, I really liked the intro with the cow and chariot of milk! It looked realistic and 3D. And the music was really good too! My first impression of the gameplay was that it felt really similar to Grand Bazaar. The house and some of the characters are the exact replica of that game. I don't have much to say since I haven't met all of the characters yet and I'm still getting used to the controls and the town. Even though there are graphical similarities to Grand Bazaar, there are a lot of differences. I think this game is potentially addictive, I just haven't played it thoroughly to actually get into it

The good thing about the game compared to the Bazaar is that I don't have to wait for a week to sell my items; I could send it straight to the shipping bin. I also could get gifts/rewards from villagers if I complete their requests posted on the bulletin board, which totally reminds me of Animal Crossing. So far, I finished Georgia's request of giving her critters that I have caught in the forest. She in return game me snacks for my animals. Also on the first week, I participated in the cooking festival. I made salad and my town lost. :(

Suddenly I got really tired playing the game. Maybe because I haven't really delved into it yet, or due to the lack of sleep because of school. Plus, the days in this game are soo long, I always finished my farming chores early, but mainly because I only have one cow and chicken. I'm still trying to figure out where to buy more animals. WHERE ARE THE ALPACAS??? Anyway, the two towns are kind of small but the wilderness blocking the two towns is huuuge. I had to go from Konohana all the way back to my house in Bluebell just to save the game. The developers should at least have a save feature without having to go to sleep.

After saving and turning off my DS, I went straight to the laptop. If I didn't do this, I'd end up sleeping playing ToTT, which I don't want to happen! I don't want to be bored with this game just yet! But so far, so good. I really need to figure out where to buy things other than food at the cafe.

I ended up watching what my sister was watching--an anime called Princess Jellyfish. At first, when I heard my sister blurt out the title, I thought it sounded like some weird hentai or some stupid anime with little girls having magical powers... I refused to watch the first episode with her and was about to continue playing ToTT. But I ended up getting really into this anime. It is so freaking hilarious that I watched all the episodes in one night (just when I was tired and about to go to sleep). I haven't watched a good anime in a year! Lately dropping anime series after only watching the first episode, but this has finally appealed to me. This is going on my favorites list.
The title is misleading but there is a really complex plot with unique characters; it's about an otaku who is obsessed with jellyfish. I don't want to spoil the rest so I'm leaving it at that.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Got my hands on Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns !!!

Today I finally picked up ToTT around 6 pm-ish at Gamestop!!! I honestly didn't think it would be there today but it did! I heard somewhere in a forum that it takes a day or two after the release date to arrive in stores. Of course, I called on the phone first if they had it before going there. The GS guy said "Yup. It's all set." I also asked if the bonus was delivered with it also.

 "Yea. The sheep plush? It looks like a llama but I don't know exactly what it is."

I corrected him that it was an alpaca.

After he brought the game to the counter, I asked "Don't I get the bonus?"
Really, that's the main reason why I preordered the game. If there wasn't a bonus, I would've waited later until the price drops. (Yes. I'm a cheap ass gamer.)

The GS employee looked around and typed on the computer. Then he asked, "Do you remember what the bonus is?"

...-_-  Omg...Didn't I already asked for it on the phone? Maybe his coworker must've answered it...
"Yes. It's a plush..." I said.

Then he took his sweet ol' time while I impatiently waited. After 5 minutes of rummaging through each shelf, and checking the back room TWICE, he asked "Is this what your looking for?"

Really, Gamestop needs to be more organized... was awkard when he grinned in amusement while finally handing me the alpaca.  ...
I curiously asked him how many people actually preordered this game. He said he only found two stuffed animals, so he guesses only 2 customers... Me and some other person. I embarassingly laughed. Wow...Harvest Moon is soo underrated.

A few weeks ago, I was even considering to skip first period of school. Since it was my first preorder, I wanted to be the first in line to pick it up. Well, if that actually happened...stupid me. There isn't a line.

Anyway, here's a photo of the alpaca bonus. It is way smaller than I expected, literally the size of my hand.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest Moon won't be coming to HD? WHAT?!?!

Last Sunday, I read an article on mynintendonews. It said Marvelous director Toshinori Aoki told Siliconera (an online gaming publication) that the company is not planning to make any games for the Harvest Moon franchise on any HD consoles such as the Wii U anytime soon. (You can read Marvelous's message word for word on that link provided.)

Why you may ask? Marvelous doesn't want to force Harvest Moon gamers to buy a new system. And since there is a large female fan base more so than males that "cherish" the Harvest Moon series, they assume girl gamers do not favor HD.

Are you kidding me?! I'm female. I want HD!! Not all female gamers are grouped under a casual audience!

I was actually excited to get the Wii U because I do not own a Wii. I knew there would always be a sequel or a new generation console every 5 or so years so I kept waiting. I agree with Marvelous on not forcing us to buy a new console, but they will eventually do so anyway, so why postpone now? I was content with the A Wonderful Life series for the GameCube back in 2006, but then the Wii came out and so did Tree of Tranquility. I didn't buy into that motion control gimmick, so I never wanted a Wii just to buy one game. Plus, I was too lazy to flare my arms around... I just wanted to use a classic controller. So until now I resorted to playing my out-of-date Playstation 2 instead of buying that casual family console. I was a little disappointed with the E3 announcement of Wii U since it's still a Wii, but I hope Nintendo is successful, as they said, in trying to bring together casual and hardcore gamers together with this system. So I'm buying it. If I had a Wii right now, I wouldn't buy it since it's just an add-on with a tablet and *gasps* HD.

But I know graphics are not everything. The oldest Harvest Moon games such as Harvest Moon Back to Nature and 64 didn't focus on graphics and were the most addictive and enjoyable games ever. A Wonderful Life, with stellar graphics, did not compare with Back to Nature with terrible graphics. Even though I still liked AWL, it just lacked a lot of things that I enjoyed in past HM games such as festivals and buying your own house upgrades or even a vacation house. But now, since it's going to be 2012, I was really looking forward to HD graphics on the Harvest Moon series. Of course, it needs to be paired with really good gameplay as well. If it's just focused on good graphics, then I might reconsider buying the new generation of HM games.

That's my 2-cents.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Divorcing Celia

 After waking up before my family does, I go outside, ditch my chores, walk around, and come back in. The living room is empty. So I walk to the kitchen and see Celia and my kid. I go towards her.
"Today is a hot day. You need to eat properly during the summer."

I go outside and pick flowers to give to the villagers. Then I swallow one of the plants growing on the back of my house in one huge gulp. Once the sun sets, I strut back home and talk to Celia.
"I'm finally done with the housework today."
Good job, wife. But the house has been clean since Day 1.I talk to her again:
"The skin of oranges or potatoes is great for sucking up any excess oil. I guess you learn a few things by being married."
 ... -_-
This scene repeats and cycles everyday until the end of the game. She literally stays in the kitchen all day.

Celia used to be my favorite...until I marry her. She gets sooo boring after your character marries her that you wish you could go back to year 1 and remain single.

She used to be fun. She secretly loves Jack and Jack returns her feelings. She even runs away from her house and confesses her love at 6 am in the freakn morning! She is the perfect farmer girl and neighbor when you are both young and single. After marriage, however, her character becomes static and dull.

Oh and I took back my statement that "she would stay with you no matter what". She will leave if the farm isn't doing well, just like the other wives.

Here are the steps. This is what I did with the testing file:
1. Never ever ship anything. Your profits should remain 0 G in your assets. The reason why the first time the divorce didn't work was because I shipped a few jugs of milk.
2. Sleep every day and relax. (Just like Rock)
3. Annoy Celia. Give her everything she hates until she has 0 hearts left in her diary. (Failed food, skull) Also try to sell her things. Of course, she gets pissed and won't buy them.
4. On chapter 2, choose these options.
"Who cares?"
"Yup. I am [serious]."
"Not at all! [joking]"
"Yep. That's right!"

And then she leaves you and keeps your son. It doesn't say, but she would most likely go back to Vesta's farm and raise the child on her own. Probably Marlin would secretly hate my son since it is not his... that's so sad.

She keeps my son?! Where is my child custody?!

And then the game ends and you go back to the title screen. You could go back to the file where you last saved it and get the divorce scene again, and you can choose not to divorce this time.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


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I do not endorse or allow other users to download the screenshots in my website and use them, since I have no legal authority to grant permission for such use.

If you claim copyright to any image, contact me and it will be promptly removed.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Milk Review

 Doesn't this look super deliscious? I will be reviewing fresh cold milk that I bought from L.A. County Fair last weekend. (I know. Random. O_O)The L.A. County Fair only comes up once a year every September.  I'm a city kid from Los Angeles so this is really the only chance I get to get the "feel" and experience of a farm from the countryside. I will also post up more pictures from the fair in a different post. For now, let's review milk. ;D

Let's start with price. The price of the regular white milk is $1.50. Strawberry and chocolate milk are $2 each. This is slightly a rip off since it is only a cup size whereas anyone can get a gallon of milk at the supermarket for $3. But I and other fair visitors buy this milk because it is cold and fresh and straight from the cows we see at the fair. A con on this is that I bought this at September 12th and it expires at the 24th. So I could only drink it within 12 days, whereas the milk I get at the supermarket lasts a month or two. The good thing is, unlike supermarket milk, it doesn't contain any preservatives.

Regular Milk: My favorite kind of milk. Plain milk is the least favorite among people, but I don't understand why not. The best milk I ever tasted. It's cold, thick, & creamy. Sweeet...

Strawberry Milk: I was never a fan of strawberry milk, since it always tasted like Pepto Bismo or a strawberry-flavored medicine of some sort. But this reminded me of melted strawberry ice cream. And I really love the strawberry scent. X) However, I don't like the aftertaste. It tastes wierd after the milk sets in. Rather, I would just jug it all down before I get the after taste.

Chocolate Milk: Every kid's favorite milk. Back in elementary school, when my class goes to the annual field trip to L.A. County Fair, all my friends in my group choose chocolate; But I prefered plain. How do I describe this...GOOD. Creamier than Nesquik. Not powdery at all. But sometimes there is chocolate debris that sets in at the bottom.

Basically, this is my preference:  plain > chocolate  > strawberry

Here are a few more pictures~~~


That is the largest carton of milk I ever seen!

The calf is so cuuuute ><

This is the booth where I got the milk. I like the name "Moo Market"; sounds cool.Alliteration!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quote or Comment of the Week #2

I will post two quotes since they both equally made me laugh.

"Little did Jack know that the Forget-Me-Not County Police were lying in wait..." Chris Hansen (orly444)

"I have no idea why I laughed so hard at this." (Roonifer)

So I posted up a cut scene today, but it was just a recycle of one of the old videos I posted up 3 years ago. It was Celia's 3rd heart event, which all of her heart scenes were EPIC and dare I say romantic. The creators of Harvest Moon obviously have given more attention on this bachlorette than any other girl because she is Jack's type--a farmer. They put a total of 6!!! cutscenes for her, while Nami and Muffy got 5, and Lumina only freaking 4. It was obvious they rushed A Wonderful Life Special Edition just to port it to the PS2 as soon as possible; lagginess and all. -_- In my opinion, I wish they wouldn't have this Celia bias because she got so astoundedly boring after Jack married her that I gave the file to my younger sister to play, and I went for Nami after I started a new game file. Don't get me wrrong, I chose the down-to-earth Celia before I even played the game (I read the manual and saw the 3 bachlorettes). But after being stuck in year 2 and not knowing that chapter 2 is 2 full game years, Celia nearly made me trade-in this game at Gamestop for  a measley $1.35 (which each gamer knows by now that they rip you off).
     The great thing about Harvest Moon is that you have the option to be a jerk by choosing the obviously wrong and hilarious option. Remember, when your son confesses that he likes Kate, there is that option "Is it Hugh?" or when you didn't propose to anyone at the end of the year, you get the option of "Stay single forever!"? Well, this is also the case.
     You walk out of your house and you see Celia happily talking to the plants and strutting to the forest. You curiously follow her and she gets startled. She was meditating peacefully and asks you to be quiet to not scare her "forest friends". Two options pop out of the screen, to "Move" or "Don't Move". I press "Move" and Jack makes up a dance out of all his farming positions--hoeing the field, walking while holding something, sickling, brushing an animal, milking, fishing, cooking...and wait...WHAT?!?! Was he h*mping Celia?!?!
Now I want to keep this blog at least PG13 (its an E-rated game), but what was that?! I don't even... I couldn't make out what he was doing. The developers obviously added all his actions (fishing, milking, etc) but I never saw Jack do that while taking care of farm chores, ever. So I guess that this was a new movement created for the purpose of this scene! Hehe. So after the stupid dance, Celia gets pissed and scorns how terrible you are and walks away. Celia should have slapped him! XD

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


iPhone Cover Review. 4/5
   Doesn't this remind you of Mukkumukku from the spring? ^^
That was the main reason I bought it.
   I have been using this cover since the first week I had my iPhone and haven't taken it out since, with the exceptions of taking pictures of it by my iPhone's camera. It is very strong and durable. Twice I dropped my phone smacked to the cement, and there were only dents on the cover. No damage to the glass at all. Once you place it on your phone, it is tight and hard to take out, which is a good thing. The cover won't fly off if I accidentally drop it.
   You would probably facepalm if I said this. But on the first day I got my iPhone, 15 minutes after I left the AT&T store, I took the phone out of my jean pocket and it fell down on the cement. I freaked out. The front had no damage, but the glass on the back side of it was cracked. I got so pissed.  Why the heck is the glass so breakable when it's on a phone?!So within that week, I immediately looked for a phone cover so that the crack on the back wouldn't show up. From the rows of Hello Kitty and other BS, I ended up buying this as it stood out the most. It was a bit pricey for a cover (around $20ish) because the store I went to inflates the price tags of all its Japan imports -.-. But I think it's definitely cheaper online. The only con about this is it doesn't completely protect the front glass, only the back ( which is the side I cracked). But when it does fall, it hits the side plastic and not the phone directly. So it does a good job. 4/5 .

Monday, September 5, 2011

More Site Features and Polls!

So I had a 3 day weekend due to the Labor Day holiday and put more time to add new changes.
1. I added more info in the about me section
2. More links to HM websites / fansites / blogs
3. A CHAT BOX so everyone (including non-members can chat to me & each other)
4. A Categories section so information is easier to find
5. A live traffic feed. So you can see visitors coming from around the world
5. Added polls

Because of school, I will visit this blog more often than youtube. I use my iPhone more often than my laptop now so it's harder for me to reply through youtube. So if you want to ask me any questions or say any comments, drop it in the chat box to the right and I will easily answer them.

I also added these polls that need to be answered. Please vote! I need feedback from you guys. Based on the answers you give me, I will update more or less depending on demand.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quote of the Week #1: Harvest Moon is Bipolar?

"I'm glad that Celia finally realized what a creep you are. So did you want to buy something today? Don't need anything? Well come back anytime." - Marlin (AWL)

"Just leave. me alone!... Did you want to buy something today?...That's OK. Come back anytime."
Ten minutes later. "I like houses made of wood. C:" -Celia

This happens after I get a betrayal cut scene in which I view all the heart scenes of one girl and propose to the other.

The developers of Harvest Moon didn't meticulously bring life to the characters for this segment. They should at least make Marlin, Celia, or Vesta have the right to refuse service to the protagonist for a year at most. Instead they made them look bipolar. Hehe... But if Vesta's Farm actually rejects me, where do I buy my seeds? >: O

Harvest Moon Quote of the Week

Starting now, I will post a Harvest Moon Quote of the Week, where I post one hilarious quote per week that occurs in Harvest Moon games. Quotes will also include most liked comments from my YouTube videos. Even though I don't reply to all my video comments, I do read ALL of them. :D Some are rolling-on-floor-laughing hilarious; others are annoying (questions that I answered hundreds of times). I enjoy reading your guys opinions, so I strongly encourage you guys to comment on my vids.

To my YT subscribers/viewers, I will credit your username if I ever quote you on this blog. I assume you guys are okay with it because you PUBLICLY commented on the videos. If, however, you do not want to be mentioned, message me and I'll remove your quote.

Ideas for harvestmoongamer? Share it!

Hi everyone. I'm wondering what I should add to harvestmoongamer, but I'm stuck. So I will ask you guys, What would YOU like to see in this site? If you have any opinions, let's hear 'em.

A page for walkthroughs and guides? There are so much online, but if you can't find what your looking for, go ahead and comment about it. A page on opinions about Harvest Moon characters?

You don't have to be have a blogger account to comment on this post. So please comment by pressing "x comments" down below.

Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Get a Daughter

 Daughter hanging around at the beach with Hugh at night. This is Muffy's daughter so I always see her exercising at the beach.

Daughter sleeping. Is she dreaming about Hugh? Who knows.

 "How did you get a daughter? I thought you could only get a son?"

Go to Mr. Pots. He (or IT?) is inside the tree house of the Harvest Sprites on the right corner. Talk to him 100x and he will grant you your wish once you talk to one of the Sprites (elves).

In my opinion, that's a funny and weird way to get a daughter. The developers of the game could have just put an algorithm in the game that would let your child randomly be a boy or girl. But no. You have to talk to a talking pot!

Note: You can only get a son in A Wonderful Life and Another Wonderful Life, the gamecube versions of the game. You cannot get a daughter. However, for the later version of the game, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life  Special Edition for the PlayStation 2, you can get a daughter.