Thursday, September 15, 2011


Harvest Moon is a registered trademark of Natsume Inc. ©1997-2011 Natsume Inc. All Rights Reserved. Game Programs ©2011 Marvelous Interactive Inc. All other trademarks, trade names, and game programs are the properties of their respective owners.

I acknowledge that the brand names I am writing about are copyright by their respective owners and are not created by me.

Harvestmoongamer is an unofficial fansite of Harvest Moon. Its purpose was to indirectly  promote the Harvest Moon franchise and other video games mentioned as well. This website was created for fans and I to discuss anything video game related and other personal interests. It is intended to share any information regarding Harvest Moon by discussing up-to-date news, video game walkthroughs, guides, and so on to fans addicted to the series. Therefore, it indirectly increases the sale of Harvest Moon (or other brand names) and does not diminish it.

This fansite falls under the fair use doctrine.

Harvestmoongamer does not claim copyright to any photos, video game covers, screenshots that are shown in this website. All photos not personally created by me belong to their rightful owners. No copyright infringement intended.

I do not endorse or allow other users to download the screenshots in my website and use them, since I have no legal authority to grant permission for such use.

If you claim copyright to any image, contact me and it will be promptly removed.

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