Saturday, September 17, 2011

Divorcing Celia

 After waking up before my family does, I go outside, ditch my chores, walk around, and come back in. The living room is empty. So I walk to the kitchen and see Celia and my kid. I go towards her.
"Today is a hot day. You need to eat properly during the summer."

I go outside and pick flowers to give to the villagers. Then I swallow one of the plants growing on the back of my house in one huge gulp. Once the sun sets, I strut back home and talk to Celia.
"I'm finally done with the housework today."
Good job, wife. But the house has been clean since Day 1.I talk to her again:
"The skin of oranges or potatoes is great for sucking up any excess oil. I guess you learn a few things by being married."
 ... -_-
This scene repeats and cycles everyday until the end of the game. She literally stays in the kitchen all day.

Celia used to be my favorite...until I marry her. She gets sooo boring after your character marries her that you wish you could go back to year 1 and remain single.

She used to be fun. She secretly loves Jack and Jack returns her feelings. She even runs away from her house and confesses her love at 6 am in the freakn morning! She is the perfect farmer girl and neighbor when you are both young and single. After marriage, however, her character becomes static and dull.

Oh and I took back my statement that "she would stay with you no matter what". She will leave if the farm isn't doing well, just like the other wives.

Here are the steps. This is what I did with the testing file:
1. Never ever ship anything. Your profits should remain 0 G in your assets. The reason why the first time the divorce didn't work was because I shipped a few jugs of milk.
2. Sleep every day and relax. (Just like Rock)
3. Annoy Celia. Give her everything she hates until she has 0 hearts left in her diary. (Failed food, skull) Also try to sell her things. Of course, she gets pissed and won't buy them.
4. On chapter 2, choose these options.
"Who cares?"
"Yup. I am [serious]."
"Not at all! [joking]"
"Yep. That's right!"

And then she leaves you and keeps your son. It doesn't say, but she would most likely go back to Vesta's farm and raise the child on her own. Probably Marlin would secretly hate my son since it is not his... that's so sad.

She keeps my son?! Where is my child custody?!

And then the game ends and you go back to the title screen. You could go back to the file where you last saved it and get the divorce scene again, and you can choose not to divorce this time.

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  1. umm, i'm in year 4, i feel sad to see my son, he is so quiet and always look at the ground, i want to make him feel happy, i give all he likes, apple-jade ball-egg every day but it change nothing, what should i do? and at year 3 i always give him a omelete but in year 4 he wont eat omelete anymore, so you know his favourite food in year 4?

    *sorry if my english is bad coz im from indonesia :)