Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harvest Moon won't be coming to HD? WHAT?!?!

Last Sunday, I read an article on mynintendonews. It said Marvelous director Toshinori Aoki told Siliconera (an online gaming publication) that the company is not planning to make any games for the Harvest Moon franchise on any HD consoles such as the Wii U anytime soon. (You can read Marvelous's message word for word on that link provided.)

Why you may ask? Marvelous doesn't want to force Harvest Moon gamers to buy a new system. And since there is a large female fan base more so than males that "cherish" the Harvest Moon series, they assume girl gamers do not favor HD.

Are you kidding me?! I'm female. I want HD!! Not all female gamers are grouped under a casual audience!

I was actually excited to get the Wii U because I do not own a Wii. I knew there would always be a sequel or a new generation console every 5 or so years so I kept waiting. I agree with Marvelous on not forcing us to buy a new console, but they will eventually do so anyway, so why postpone now? I was content with the A Wonderful Life series for the GameCube back in 2006, but then the Wii came out and so did Tree of Tranquility. I didn't buy into that motion control gimmick, so I never wanted a Wii just to buy one game. Plus, I was too lazy to flare my arms around... I just wanted to use a classic controller. So until now I resorted to playing my out-of-date Playstation 2 instead of buying that casual family console. I was a little disappointed with the E3 announcement of Wii U since it's still a Wii, but I hope Nintendo is successful, as they said, in trying to bring together casual and hardcore gamers together with this system. So I'm buying it. If I had a Wii right now, I wouldn't buy it since it's just an add-on with a tablet and *gasps* HD.

But I know graphics are not everything. The oldest Harvest Moon games such as Harvest Moon Back to Nature and 64 didn't focus on graphics and were the most addictive and enjoyable games ever. A Wonderful Life, with stellar graphics, did not compare with Back to Nature with terrible graphics. Even though I still liked AWL, it just lacked a lot of things that I enjoyed in past HM games such as festivals and buying your own house upgrades or even a vacation house. But now, since it's going to be 2012, I was really looking forward to HD graphics on the Harvest Moon series. Of course, it needs to be paired with really good gameplay as well. If it's just focused on good graphics, then I might reconsider buying the new generation of HM games.

That's my 2-cents.


  1. That is kind of disappointing, I would've loved a Harvest Moon on the WiiU. I guess I'll have to settle for 3DS entries in the series for now.

    Also just to put it out there the Wii Harvest Moon games really didn't focus on motion controls that much that I noticed, you could optionally use them for farm chores, but you could just as easily use the A button instead.

    Thanks for the information though, that's good to know even if it is disappointing.

    1. Maybe their just waiting to see how successful the WiiU is before committing a Harvest Moon game to it. when I look at Animal Parade for the Wii, it is still my favorite game and the graphics are ok at best.
      For Harvest Moon, its gameplay first, then graphics, which i am perefectly fine with.