Monday, September 12, 2011

Milk Review

 Doesn't this look super deliscious? I will be reviewing fresh cold milk that I bought from L.A. County Fair last weekend. (I know. Random. O_O)The L.A. County Fair only comes up once a year every September.  I'm a city kid from Los Angeles so this is really the only chance I get to get the "feel" and experience of a farm from the countryside. I will also post up more pictures from the fair in a different post. For now, let's review milk. ;D

Let's start with price. The price of the regular white milk is $1.50. Strawberry and chocolate milk are $2 each. This is slightly a rip off since it is only a cup size whereas anyone can get a gallon of milk at the supermarket for $3. But I and other fair visitors buy this milk because it is cold and fresh and straight from the cows we see at the fair. A con on this is that I bought this at September 12th and it expires at the 24th. So I could only drink it within 12 days, whereas the milk I get at the supermarket lasts a month or two. The good thing is, unlike supermarket milk, it doesn't contain any preservatives.

Regular Milk: My favorite kind of milk. Plain milk is the least favorite among people, but I don't understand why not. The best milk I ever tasted. It's cold, thick, & creamy. Sweeet...

Strawberry Milk: I was never a fan of strawberry milk, since it always tasted like Pepto Bismo or a strawberry-flavored medicine of some sort. But this reminded me of melted strawberry ice cream. And I really love the strawberry scent. X) However, I don't like the aftertaste. It tastes wierd after the milk sets in. Rather, I would just jug it all down before I get the after taste.

Chocolate Milk: Every kid's favorite milk. Back in elementary school, when my class goes to the annual field trip to L.A. County Fair, all my friends in my group choose chocolate; But I prefered plain. How do I describe this...GOOD. Creamier than Nesquik. Not powdery at all. But sometimes there is chocolate debris that sets in at the bottom.

Basically, this is my preference:  plain > chocolate  > strawberry

Here are a few more pictures~~~


That is the largest carton of milk I ever seen!

The calf is so cuuuute ><

This is the booth where I got the milk. I like the name "Moo Market"; sounds cool.Alliteration!

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  1. That sound like sooo much fun! And the milk sounds really tasty!

    I agree with you though, I think plain milk is probably my favorite too. I hope I get to try fresh milk someday, it sounds really good...