Monday, September 5, 2011

More Site Features and Polls!

So I had a 3 day weekend due to the Labor Day holiday and put more time to add new changes.
1. I added more info in the about me section
2. More links to HM websites / fansites / blogs
3. A CHAT BOX so everyone (including non-members can chat to me & each other)
4. A Categories section so information is easier to find
5. A live traffic feed. So you can see visitors coming from around the world
5. Added polls

Because of school, I will visit this blog more often than youtube. I use my iPhone more often than my laptop now so it's harder for me to reply through youtube. So if you want to ask me any questions or say any comments, drop it in the chat box to the right and I will easily answer them.

I also added these polls that need to be answered. Please vote! I need feedback from you guys. Based on the answers you give me, I will update more or less depending on demand.

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