Wednesday, September 7, 2011


iPhone Cover Review. 4/5
   Doesn't this remind you of Mukkumukku from the spring? ^^
That was the main reason I bought it.
   I have been using this cover since the first week I had my iPhone and haven't taken it out since, with the exceptions of taking pictures of it by my iPhone's camera. It is very strong and durable. Twice I dropped my phone smacked to the cement, and there were only dents on the cover. No damage to the glass at all. Once you place it on your phone, it is tight and hard to take out, which is a good thing. The cover won't fly off if I accidentally drop it.
   You would probably facepalm if I said this. But on the first day I got my iPhone, 15 minutes after I left the AT&T store, I took the phone out of my jean pocket and it fell down on the cement. I freaked out. The front had no damage, but the glass on the back side of it was cracked. I got so pissed.  Why the heck is the glass so breakable when it's on a phone?!So within that week, I immediately looked for a phone cover so that the crack on the back wouldn't show up. From the rows of Hello Kitty and other BS, I ended up buying this as it stood out the most. It was a bit pricey for a cover (around $20ish) because the store I went to inflates the price tags of all its Japan imports -.-. But I think it's definitely cheaper online. The only con about this is it doesn't completely protect the front glass, only the back ( which is the side I cracked). But when it does fall, it hits the side plastic and not the phone directly. So it does a good job. 4/5 .

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