Saturday, September 24, 2011

Odd Characters in Harvest Moon Tale of Towns

If you thought some of the A Wonderful Life characters were weird (points at Daryl, Murrey, Doctor)...well think again!

Sheng, your outfit doesn't suit you. There, I said it!

Sheng is the blacksmith from Konohana Village. He is obsessed with pandas.
He wants me to move to his village to observe pandas living near the area.
He is very noticeable and you could easily spot him with his panda costume.

This is sort of a change from past Harvest Moon games. If I recall, blacksmiths are usually bearded white-haired grandpas that really don't stand out that much, such as Sabaira, until you delve into the game more and see their side of the story. I remember Saibara having a crush with Ellen and being hard on Rock, his grandson, by yelling at him for small mistakes and making Rock all moody...good times. Well, I'd like to see Sheng's cutscenes and know more about his panda obsession.

Howard, the owner of Howard's Cafe in Blue Bell town.

You already know what I'm talking about. He's fruity, isn't he? Which is perfectly normal to me, coming from a liberal state in California. But what is really odd did this appear in a Harvest Moon game??? What were the character designers thinking? Were they intentionally making him But I think he has a wife! Well, whatever. I think he is an interesting character..(hehe) just by look at him. On the first week, he came to my house to give me cooking lessons and recipes. Which is so much funner than having a bored, middle-aged wife coming to my house to cook. I think we'll become good friends :)

Enrique is the mariachi-looking Mexican dude who is the shop owner in Blue Bell and a brother of Diego. He thinks he's the cutest... isn't that funny? I think that is the only reason why I put him on the list.

This is Diego, Enrique's brother who also manages the shop. Look at his tiny and I could barely see his eyes. So who is the cuter one...Diego or Enrique? Where did they come from? I've seen 'em in Zephyr Town from Grand Bazaar but they don't actually live there.

I think I'm missing something...tell me if you want to add a character to the list.

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