Friday, September 2, 2011

How to Get a Daughter

 Daughter hanging around at the beach with Hugh at night. This is Muffy's daughter so I always see her exercising at the beach.

Daughter sleeping. Is she dreaming about Hugh? Who knows.

 "How did you get a daughter? I thought you could only get a son?"

Go to Mr. Pots. He (or IT?) is inside the tree house of the Harvest Sprites on the right corner. Talk to him 100x and he will grant you your wish once you talk to one of the Sprites (elves).

In my opinion, that's a funny and weird way to get a daughter. The developers of the game could have just put an algorithm in the game that would let your child randomly be a boy or girl. But no. You have to talk to a talking pot!

Note: You can only get a son in A Wonderful Life and Another Wonderful Life, the gamecube versions of the game. You cannot get a daughter. However, for the later version of the game, Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life  Special Edition for the PlayStation 2, you can get a daughter. 

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