Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quote of the Week #1: Harvest Moon is Bipolar?

"I'm glad that Celia finally realized what a creep you are. So did you want to buy something today? Don't need anything? Well come back anytime." - Marlin (AWL)

"Just leave. me alone!... Did you want to buy something today?...That's OK. Come back anytime."
Ten minutes later. "I like houses made of wood. C:" -Celia

This happens after I get a betrayal cut scene in which I view all the heart scenes of one girl and propose to the other.

The developers of Harvest Moon didn't meticulously bring life to the characters for this segment. They should at least make Marlin, Celia, or Vesta have the right to refuse service to the protagonist for a year at most. Instead they made them look bipolar. Hehe... But if Vesta's Farm actually rejects me, where do I buy my seeds? >: O

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