Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quote or Comment of the Week #2

I will post two quotes since they both equally made me laugh.

"Little did Jack know that the Forget-Me-Not County Police were lying in wait..." Chris Hansen (orly444)

"I have no idea why I laughed so hard at this." (Roonifer)

So I posted up a cut scene today, but it was just a recycle of one of the old videos I posted up 3 years ago. It was Celia's 3rd heart event, which all of her heart scenes were EPIC and dare I say romantic. The creators of Harvest Moon obviously have given more attention on this bachlorette than any other girl because she is Jack's type--a farmer. They put a total of 6!!! cutscenes for her, while Nami and Muffy got 5, and Lumina only freaking 4. It was obvious they rushed A Wonderful Life Special Edition just to port it to the PS2 as soon as possible; lagginess and all. -_- In my opinion, I wish they wouldn't have this Celia bias because she got so astoundedly boring after Jack married her that I gave the file to my younger sister to play, and I went for Nami after I started a new game file. Don't get me wrrong, I chose the down-to-earth Celia before I even played the game (I read the manual and saw the 3 bachlorettes). But after being stuck in year 2 and not knowing that chapter 2 is 2 full game years, Celia nearly made me trade-in this game at Gamestop for  a measley $1.35 (which each gamer knows by now that they rip you off).
     The great thing about Harvest Moon is that you have the option to be a jerk by choosing the obviously wrong and hilarious option. Remember, when your son confesses that he likes Kate, there is that option "Is it Hugh?" or when you didn't propose to anyone at the end of the year, you get the option of "Stay single forever!"? Well, this is also the case.
     You walk out of your house and you see Celia happily talking to the plants and strutting to the forest. You curiously follow her and she gets startled. She was meditating peacefully and asks you to be quiet to not scare her "forest friends". Two options pop out of the screen, to "Move" or "Don't Move". I press "Move" and Jack makes up a dance out of all his farming positions--hoeing the field, walking while holding something, sickling, brushing an animal, milking, fishing, cooking...and wait...WHAT?!?! Was he h*mping Celia?!?!
Now I want to keep this blog at least PG13 (its an E-rated game), but what was that?! I don't even... I couldn't make out what he was doing. The developers obviously added all his actions (fishing, milking, etc) but I never saw Jack do that while taking care of farm chores, ever. So I guess that this was a new movement created for the purpose of this scene! Hehe. So after the stupid dance, Celia gets pissed and scorns how terrible you are and walks away. Celia should have slapped him! XD


  1. Hm, interesting video. I had never chosen the "Move" option before, that's pretty funny.

    By the way, I've always enjoyed your videos and I like your new blog. I can't wait for more HM posts from you.

  2. Thanks! You're the first to comment this blog! After having this blog for a week without no feedback, I thought this might be a waste of time but I guess I will keep updating forever even if I get little to no views!
    ^__^ I'm glad you liked my blog.