Friday, July 6, 2012

Rival Scenes

Gustafa x Nami 1
Gustafa x Nami 2
Gustafa x Nami 3
Marlin x Celia 1
Marlin x Celia 2
Marlin x Celia 3
Rock x Lumina 1
Rock x Lumina 2
Rock x Lumina 3

Note: Titles without links haven't been recorded yet.


Rock's 1st Heart Event
Rock's 2nd Heart Event
Rock's 3rd Heart Event
Rock's 4th Heart Event
Rock's Proposal
Rock's Wedding


Gustafa's 1st Heart Event
Gustafa's 2nd Heart Event
Gustafa's 3rd Heart Event
Gustafa's 4th Heart Event
Gustafa's Proposal
Gustafa's Wedding


Marlin's 1st Heart Scene
Marlin's 2nd Heart Scene
Marlin's 3rd Heart Scene
Marlin's 4th Heart Scene
Marlin's Proposal 
Marlin's Wedding (Includes Proposal Ver. 2)


Lumina's 1st Heart Event
Lumina's 2nd Heart Event
Lumina's 3rd Heart Event
Lumina's 4th Heart Event
Lumina's Proposal
Lumina's Wedding


Muffy's 1st Heart Event 
Muffy's 2nd Heart Event
Muffy's 3rd Heart Event
Muffy's 4th Heart Event
Muffy's 5th Heart Event
Muffy's Proposal
Muffy's Proposal Ver. 2
Muffy's Wedding
Muffy's Betrayal (Better Quality Here)


Nami's 1st Heart Event
Nami's 2nd Heart Event
Nami's 3rd Heart Event
Nami's 4th Heart Event
Nami's 5th Heart Event
Nami's Proposal
Nami's Betrayal
Nami's Wedding (Includes Proposal Ver. 2)
Divorce with Nami

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I decided to list all the events that I have recorded. I will split the events up by category, e.g. Heart Scenes, Animal Scenes, Family Scenes, Chapter Scenes, etc. You can find the categories at the right side bar in orange. Press the title of anything from the list if you want to see the video. Since it will take up so much time if I do it all at once, I'll try to finish it little by little. 

Note: I'm not going to give a description of each event since the video says it all. I drafted a description of some of Celia's heart scenes at first, but decided not to post it since it was too much of a hassle for me. I'd rather use up the time to update my blog and YT with more videos. Look for the vid's desscription on how to trigger it.

Celia's 1st Heart Event
Celia's 2nd Heart Event
Celia's 3rd Heart Event
Celia's 4th Heart Event
Celia's 5th Heart Event 
Celia's 6th Heart Event
Celia's Proposal
Celia's Prearranged Marriage
Celia's Betrayal
Celia's Wedding  (Includes Proposal Vers. 2)
Divorce with Celia

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Videos...Finally & Update on Celia's Daughter

So I posted new videos on my YT channel. I have more videos coming up!
So far, I'm on Chapter 3 Winter for Celia's daughter and Chapter 5 Summer for Muffy's daughter.
I am trying to finish the file for Celia's daughter. She is mostly interested in farming, obviously. She also has an interest in being an athlete and keeps asking me about Wally. I think it's because I always go fishing, which raises the athlete bar.

OH, and please leave suggestions. I feel that this Harvest Moon website is lacking. Tell me what you want. Do you want me to post a page listing all the events? A page of what the AWL characters like and dislike? Want to see something in particular, like more videos of Celia's daughter or Nami's daughter? Post your comments below.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

One More Month! Can't wait!

One more month until high school is over!

May is going to be a busy month for me b/c AP exams, finals, and final projects due. I'm only worried about the AP exams; I'll wing everything else. Senior checkout day for me is June 1st, so I'll hop right back to Harvest Moon within the next month. Hang on if you're still waiting!

So what are your plans during the summer break? (directing this to my followers)
Me: Harvest Moon, Harvest Moon, and more Harvest Moon. Oh, and I'll have to find a summer job quickly to save some money for college. For the summer, I'll also be taking an introductory Japanese class and will start learning Japanese since it is one of my majors. So I might not be playing HM daily as I used to over the past summers, but I will play it often so that I can update my youtube channel & blog weekly...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Word of Apology

First and foremost, I am really sorry for making a false promise of getting back in November.
More things kept piling up every month and I just realized I couldn't post up a video per week
like I planned. I got a strong wake-up call after a fan suggested I should delete my account if I won't post HM videos anymore. The reason is pretty simple: school is interfering with my game play. I also have poor time management. I don't get how some of my guy classmates at my HS ace all their classes, and still have the time to play video games. If you would like to give me any advice or suggestions, go ahead. I'm up for it.

If you have noticed the dates on when I uploaded my videos, most of them are on the summer months. Since I am graduating HS and won't have to deal with it ever again, I will eventually come back to this at the beginning of June.

It seems more of my subscribers are following this, so I will check back from time to time if you have any comments or questions.