Sunday, February 26, 2012

Word of Apology

First and foremost, I am really sorry for making a false promise of getting back in November.
More things kept piling up every month and I just realized I couldn't post up a video per week
like I planned. I got a strong wake-up call after a fan suggested I should delete my account if I won't post HM videos anymore. The reason is pretty simple: school is interfering with my game play. I also have poor time management. I don't get how some of my guy classmates at my HS ace all their classes, and still have the time to play video games. If you would like to give me any advice or suggestions, go ahead. I'm up for it.

If you have noticed the dates on when I uploaded my videos, most of them are on the summer months. Since I am graduating HS and won't have to deal with it ever again, I will eventually come back to this at the beginning of June.

It seems more of my subscribers are following this, so I will check back from time to time if you have any comments or questions.

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  1. Hi there, dont worry about us, just concentrate on school ok?