Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Videos...Finally & Update on Celia's Daughter

So I posted new videos on my YT channel. I have more videos coming up!
So far, I'm on Chapter 3 Winter for Celia's daughter and Chapter 5 Summer for Muffy's daughter.
I am trying to finish the file for Celia's daughter. She is mostly interested in farming, obviously. She also has an interest in being an athlete and keeps asking me about Wally. I think it's because I always go fishing, which raises the athlete bar.

OH, and please leave suggestions. I feel that this Harvest Moon website is lacking. Tell me what you want. Do you want me to post a page listing all the events? A page of what the AWL characters like and dislike? Want to see something in particular, like more videos of Celia's daughter or Nami's daughter? Post your comments below.


  1. oh my God! You're still playing Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life? Me too! >.<
    I really love HM <3
    I've played HM games from 2008, my friends think that it's an old game and not cool but I dunno why AWL is one of the coolest games for me! I also still love my old PS2 :P
    I really love your blog! So many things I haven't known in AWL :S
    I'm so happy cause I found your blog today. especially when I saw your last post was 3rd June 2012 :P

    let's be friends? :D
    email maybe?

    Listing all events would be great :3 and I love more videos of Celia's and Nami's daughters :D
    I like your editing style :3
    sorry for my bad English --
    I'm waiting for your replies :D

  2. That's great! I don't receive comments on this blog so often, so when I see one it gets me excited. Ok I'll try to post more of Celia's daughter videos. I'm one day away from chapter 4.

    And with the daughter videos, do you only want end-of-the- chapter when she grows up or random footage of her talking? Or both?

    Friends? Yea Sure ^^ Uhm, message me through youtube & I'll hand over my email.

    Oh and what do you mean by editing style?


  3. Thank you for doing Celia's daughter! i was one of the people that originally requested it when you did a video that asked for what child and spouse to do. Hope you're doing ok!