These are the most frequently asked questions I get comments on:

Q: Did you get <Harvest Moon game> yet?
A: Look at my blog post of my HM collection. So far the latest game I have is Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns.

Q: What does <initials> stand for?
A: AWL - A Wonderful Life
     AnWL- Another Wonderful Life
     AWLSE- Another Wonderful Life Special Edition
I use initials for Harvest Moon titles so typing would be less tedious.

Q: Could you get wild animals as pets?

A: No, that is a rumor. Matsuyama even said in the official Harvest Moon website that the owl, lizard, raccoon, chihuahua, and wild animals cannot be obtained as pets. They are good luck animals. If there is a chihuahua at the dig site that day, then you will dig out more high quality items. If there is a turtle near the swamp, you can get huge fishes that are worth a lot more money. If there is an owl on the tree in the forest, then more larger fishes will appear in the spring, and etc. So certain animals affects certain areas on the game, such as the swamp and waterfall. High quality fishes are sharshark, huge huchep, etc.

Q: I proposed to her. She accepted but nothing happened. What is going on?
A: You are not going to get married until the end of the year, after Winter 10. If she accepted the blue feather then you are engaged for now. That's why I prefer to propose at the end of the year so it doesn't feel like I waited for so long.

Q: How do I get a daughter?
A: You can only get a daughter in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition for the PS2. Go to the forest and eat the mushroom that leads to the sprites tree house. Go to the right side and press the pot. Talk to it 100x. Once it says "You win" talk to one of the sprites and it will ask you if you want a boy or girl.

Q: How do you get a white horse?

A: You can only get a different colored horse in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition for the PS2. It's either black, white, or brown and is chosen randomly.

Q: If you have seen all of a person's heart events, can you see the others?
A: Yes, you can. But if you answered correctly to that person's heart events, then you can't see the last event of another person. For example, if I saw all of Nami's events, I could see all of Celia's events except her last one.

Q: How do you earn money fast?

A: Simple. Grow trees. Get a free seed maker from Daryl and earn a fortune on banana seeds. Invest on a food processor room and make cheese and butter.

Q: Why doesn't my cow give milk?
A: You need to make them pregnant by using a Miracle Potion or buying a bull. If you just bought a bull, you need to wait until it's fully grown to an adult. If you have an adult bull & a fully grown cow, the cow can randomly get pregnant. After it gives birth you can milk the mother cow.

Q: How do you marry Lumina?
A: You could only marry her in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life Special Edition. Give flowers to her twice a day and the earliest time that she will get 4 hearts is at late summer. Her diary is on the back of her dressing room near the stuffed animal rabbits.

Q: How old is Lumina?
A: If you read the manual, in A Wonderful Life she is 14. In A Wonderful Life Special Edition, they changed her age to 16 in Japan because that's the legal marriageable age. But in AWLSE for the North American release they changed her age to 18 because anything under that is illegal. Technically, she is still a kid when you marry here. XD

Q: How do you marry Nami?
A: She's very picky on gifts. She likes statues, trick blue flowers, and cooked meals. Get the statues at the dig site and trick blue flowers during fall. She is awake in her room 9 am in the morning so I suggest skipping farm chores and doing it later in the afternoon if you want to see her diary. Her diary is located in her room on the desk. You will get a blue feather later in the game from the sprites.

Q: How do you get Ramona's watering can?
A: I befriend Ramona by giving her flowers and milk every day. She won't give you the watering can until chapter 3 or later. Enter her room from the right door near the piano.

Q: Can you play as your son or daughter after your character dies?
A: No you cannot. After you die and all the credits roll, the game goes back to the title screen, where you can go back to the file where you last saved. If you have the original AWL for Gamecube, you go back to where you last saved and can watch the death scene over and over again, if you want. If you have AnWL or AWL:SE, you go to Heaven Mode.

Q: What is Heaven Mode?
A: After your character dies, you go to another chapter called Heaven. You can farm and play your file forever as if nothing happened. It's as if your family has forgotten that you have died.